With little or no capital investment, we can help get the most out of existing oil and gas base production, significantly reduce the time to drill wells, and improve efficiency of walkovers and recompletions.

We often put on hand gloves and hard hats and work directly with field personnel and their leaders to implement measurable change in well performance, as well as delivering training to sustain these gains.

Working jointly with you, we develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and jointly design reports to track them.  Thorough analysis in action-oriented and efficient meetings stimulates root cause analysis of variance from the plan for each KPI.  We make things visible with Visual Performance Boards so the whole team can see the progress.

Using Lean techniques, we’ll optimize the “rig down, move rig up” process to cut days out of the drilling time of each well.  Planning and scheduling drilling and stimulating new wells in existing fields will help minimize the impact on older wells.

Capacity planning will allow you to have the right drilling and completion materials on hand at the right time, as well as having the right organization in place to meet your growth challenges.

Together, we will develop the process for efficient walkovers and recompletions from idea origination through project review.  Production Engineers play a key role in this process.  We’ll jointly ensure clear accountabilities for all phases of the process from the headquarters to the field personnel who schedule and execute the job.

Our clients commonly see up to double-digit percent increases in their base production, action-driven meetings using KPIs with a plan and target, and thoroughly trained Lease Operators and leaders.  We audit for sustainability during the project and arrange to come back after the project is completed to ensure the changes last.