Funding Your Training

Funding your training budget

Many of our programs can be implemented as a cost neutral with some clients finding that their budget is in surplus at the conclusion of our program. There are several funding options and government grants available to help you neutralise the cost of training.

A2E has been assisting the organisations access these government funding and grant that support business growth, saving the organisation valuable time and money. Business grants are available to support Australian businesses by focusing on skills development and the adoption of new methodologies that improve efficiency and deliver results to the bottom line.

The Australian government has set aside more than 20 billion dollars in funding programs (grants and loans) for financing small businesses like yours. Free government grants available to expand or improve your business, if you are eligible. These incentives encourage employers to train new workers to make them effective and profitable as quickly as possible.(

Government offer other grant under Apprenticeships and Traineeship Program, the federal government can provide $4,000 to employers for each eligible worker to support training in many nationally recognised qualifications. In some cases, A2E may even be fully funded. With our in-depth knowledge of what funding is available, we’re ideally placed to advise you on business grants and funding opportunities for our training programs to meet your business needs.

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