Our Approach

A2E Consulting bring a rigorous approach to identifying, evaluating, prioritising, implementing, and locking-in improvement opportunities. The A2E approach and tool set is entirely compatible with Lean, Six Sigma, TQM, SPC and other robust, fact-based improvement methodologies. Our team has the intelligence, experience and flexibility to blend our methodologies in with any organisation’s existing programs to minimise disruption or confusion. We bring the horsepower to accelerate delivery of performance improvement, and the stamina and commitment to staythe long haul.

Our people work closely with your managers, supervisors and front-line personnel to build their skills in the areas that drive operational performance. Through formal training and coaching on-the-job, your people build the skills needed to lock in the gains we make with you, and acquire the insight and confidence to identify and realise further gains after we have left.  



Our objective is to make ongoing performance improvement part of your organisation’s culture – “Embedding” it in. This can only happen when your people have the right skills and tools, and when their objectives are aligned with your organisation’s strategy ( Missions,Vision, KPIs).  


We work one-on-one with your people to identify and resolve the organisation’s critical issues. In doing so, we train them in our approaches and methodologies, building their skills and confidence so that they can in turn pass this on to others throughout the organisation.  


We also use more formal workshop training sessions to broadly disseminate our methodologies throughout the organisation as they are needed. Those methodologies are then rigorously applied day after day on-the-job by the attendees with the A2E Business Coach nearby to coach and support as they master the skills and they become second nature. Given our preference to tailor our programs to your specific needs, business context and culture, this discussion paper describes what A2E is doing with other clients globally, to inform you of what we believe are the essential requirements regarding leaders and their ability to integrate systems, people and other resources to deliver improved operational and HSE performance.

We look forward to meeting with you to explore in more depth the content of this paper and better understand your needs prior to us commencing the implementation phase.

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