Contract Setup, Purchasing and Negotiation for the Minerals, Energy, Oil & Gas Industry

The course will give each participant an introduction to managing oil and gas exploration, development and production contracts: actively encouraging you to apply what you’ve learnt at work. On completion, you will be able to structure agreements, identify and manage risks and opportunities in contract forms to meet your company’s needs: adding value and delivering commercial success.

Expected learning:

  • The structure and benefits of different types of international contracts for petroleum exploration, development and production
  • How to structure the agreement(s) to meet your company’s needs
  • The different needs and expectations of national and international oil and gas companies
  • An understanding of non-financial elements and their impact on economics and profitability
  • How to identify and manage appropriately the risks and opportunities in the contract terms
  • How to differentiate between oil and gas exploitation and marketing issues involved in gas contracts
  • How to model the changing parameters in a typical PSC.

Target Audience:

This Course is aimed at professional Energy, Oil and Gas Personnel at all levels and disciplines including those involved in:

  • Business Development,
  • Contract Negotiations,
  • Business Analysis,
  • Strategic Planning,
  • Joint Venture



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