Implementing Safety Risk Management

Program Overview

Risk management is an integral part of your overall business strategy and is an essential component of the safety management system in your organisation. Managers at all levels of the business need to understand the risks they are responsible for managing and be confident that they can effectively address these.This program is designed to build the knowledge and skills required to design a robust risk management strategy and to ensure the successful implementation of that strategy by engaging the key stakeholders in the entire risk management process.

Who Will Benefit

This program will assist managers and senior managers to develop and implement a risk management strategy to address safety risks as part of your overall business risk management strategy.


  • Overview of risk management principles and tools
  • How to ensure the systematic management of risks
  • How to select and implement effective hazard and risk management tools
  • How to identify, analyse and manage the needs and interests of stakeholders in the risk management process
  • How to ensure that your operational risk management activities are integrated with your overall business risk management strategy.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Describe the essential components of an effective risk management strategy
  • Describe how to design and implement hazard and risk management tools
  • Describe how to effectively engage with key stakeholders
  • Describe how to monitor the success of your risk management strategy and ensure sustainability in the context of a changing environment.
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