1 – Focus on execution We will maintain focus on the business case expectations. We will position the organisation for making rapid and ongoing change. We understand how difficult implementation can be, so we work with you from the “Defination phase” to the “Sustainability phase” until the changes are not only implemented, but working by:

• Build agreement with key stakeholders on real issues and solutions.

• Leverage our knowledge of Mining and  Manufacturing and  our key people to provide practical recommendations to organisational and service complexities.


2 – Robust and Tested Ability We offer capability of the only true lean consulting and comprehensive advisory firm in WA for the lean intervention project, with a focus on managing the agenda of change required for implementation. Our team of highly experienced consultants has held senior line positions and worked for top tier consulting firms, they have deep industry and implementation experience.

• We have strong capability in delivering change management services in substantial organisations and major interventions including Baker Hughes, BHP Billiton, Barrick Gold, Rio Tinto and Henry Walker Eltin.


3 – Rapid and Sustainable results The results that we achieve with our clients are rapid. We have seen the most evident and rapid results in organizations where the leadership team models and cascades the newly acquired methodologies. We provide coaching and support for employees at all levels to ensure the results are not only rapid but sustainable. We measure our success by the pace and magnitude of results delivered, but more importantly by your organization’s ability to maintain and improve on those results over time.


4 – Focus on People and Culture within the Organisation We will drive a plan which works specifically to address the culture style of your organisation. This will help us consider:

• The appropriate technical skills required within the program management structure and the key area for training and/or key skills to recruit.

• The culture aspects relating to how programs have been managed in the past.


5 – Extensive coaching & training For results to be rapid and sustainable, our training combines formal workshop training sessions with on-the-job coaching to ensure that the theory becomes sufficiently embedded into each person’s daily routine that it becomes sustainable and second nature.


6 – Our Change management methodology We understand managing change can be hard for organizations and tough on individuals. Our team works closely with clients to provide insights, guidance, support to empower them transform their organization. This focuses on a strong collaborative consulting engagementthroughout the project.


7 – Why are we successful? Unlike other firms whose main focus is on their consultative or advisory strengths, our key focus is delivering results. Our consultants are industry practitioners. We do not just focus on the theory behind lean Six Sigma; our team have extensive implementation experience. We work at an operational and tactical strategy level, we work with our clients to see the business turnaround in real time and be sustainable.