A2E has been engaged in the last two years to transform the organisation using Lean Six Sigma (Lean Six Sigma includes TPM, RCA,TOC) A2E began by engaging and enrolling the senior leadership team and cascading the transformation to the shop floor. Within just two short months of the Lean Six Sigma rollout, Baker Hughes achieved savings of $200K on Waste Management alone. This achievement was on top of other sustainable benefits that have resulted in the Baker Hughes’ Braeside site winning a Global Safety and Improvement Award in 2012/2013.

Braden Dunsmore, PhD, MBA I Director of Operations Support at Baker Hughes Baker Hughes

Accelerate to Excellence’s (A2E) contribution to the implementation of “Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing Practices” at Baker-Hughes’ New Zealand Pty Ltd, Auckland Blending Plant, was a real eye opener, the results were instantaneous!

Daniel Coanda-Ciocoiu I Manufacturing Manager Baker Hughes I Upstream Chemicals New Zealand

It is always so valuable to get involvement from someone with industry experience. It was even more beneficial for us that you came from the customer side of the table.

Douglas Campbell I Business Development Manager BRADKEN Australia

I don’t know how we had managed without these information centres; they have saved us time and allows us to focus on the right KPls.

Stephen Fielding I Fixed Plant Superintendent BHP Billiton

On land rig mobilization LUCAS drill time comprises about one quarter of a well’s cycle time—time that is non-productive and pure cost. A2E helped us reduce this time on every rig move using a standardized process that lead to instant cost savings, marked improvement in productivity and improved safety across an operator’s fleet. Results: Reduction of rig move costs by 10-20%. Reduction of rig-release to Spud cycle time by 25-50% and increased the ratio of drilling time per drill.

Darren I Operations Manager Lucas Drill & British Gas Fields

A2E is committed to real and measurable performance improvements, and their involvement is not complete until the results are achieved and clearly sustainable. They deliver an ROI that is competitive with any other initiative and they create a culture of Business improvement.

Ian Duncan I Global HSEC Manager RIO Tinto

A2E’s Information Centre and Visual Management tools have allowed issues to come to the surface, this in turn has allowed us to deal with the real issues. This is a real culture change and a game changer in Kenya.

Kephar Tade I Managing Director East Africa Portland Cement Kenya

A2E optimised Rig Mobilisation (Rig-down, Relocation & Rig-up) to increase the drilling time for each well. A2E’s Rig Move Operations are engineered for maximum efficiency utilising business performance tools, latest technology like RDF, GPS and IVMS to deliver consistence performance.

Divided responsibility means no one is responsible. Woodside Energy looked to A2E consultant to take the lead during the Karratha Gas plant shutdown. A2E helped created standardized process, information centre, delivery centre that leads shutdown cost savings of 22 Million Al-JD.

Woodside Energy I Manager Karratha Gas Plant